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Intelligence and Data Request

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IAD Group Type Intelligence Report Requested:

1. Asset and Recovery Intelligence
2. Corporate Intelligence
3. Court Civil
4. Court Criminal
5. Public Records Search
6. Personal Intelligence
7. Other Reports

Client Information:

Name/Company Information:
Reference Code:
Phone: -
Mailing Address:
Mailing City:
Mailing State:
Mailing Zip:
Mailing Country:

Requested information:

Subject Full Name or Corporate Name:
Date of Birth:
Phone Number: -
Confidentiality Notice

If you choose to contact us through the online form available at our "Data Request" link, we will collect your name, address, phone number, email address, title, and company name along with any comments or other information you would like us to have in order to respond to your request.

No personally identifying information that we collect is shared with any third party. We use the information we obtain when you contact us through the "Data Request" option to process your suggestion or customer request. We also may use this information to improve our products and services.

USIA may employ an encryption or other security methods with respect to the transmission of your personal information to us. We also have measures in place to protect your personal information once it reaches us.






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