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Security Need Evaluation and Knowledge

The Security Need Evaluation and Knowledge group is a world leader in the evaluation and analysis of in-place security systems and policies.


The SNEAK group is not simply a security-consulting group. We conduct real-life incursions aimed at defeating or compromising your organization's security infrastructure and systems.

The SNEAK group members are highly skilled and experienced in the area of intrusion and security compromise. We are experts in the prevention of: secure data, highly valued property, and proprietary information theft.

Security companies will not disclose the shortcomings of their equipment and systems:

The SNEAK Group Will.

Security system providers will not challenge their own equipment and products:

The SNEAK Group Will.

Large security providers are not willing to advise their customers of technical problems and design flaws after they have sold and installed the systems:

The SNEAK Group Will.

Physical Security: The SNEAK group discipline is the concern for the preservation and safeguarding of personnel, facilities, property and other operational assets to insure availability to support organizational mission. The physical security process includes determining vulnerabilities to known threats, applying appropriate deterrent, control and denial safeguarding techniques and measures, and responding to changing conditions.

Loss Prevention Intelligence

United States Intelligence Agency (USIA) services go far beyond that of traditional security-consulting firms. We call the concept Loss Prevention Intelligence, or LPI. To our clients, this means we are available around the clock; comparable to having a team of security managers on call 24/7.

The Security Needs Evaluation and Knowledge Group or SNEAK Group provides a full range of services, from concept design through implementation, including:

  • Risk and Vulnerability Assessment - We provide a comprehensive, evaluation of your security situation with the goal of identifying deficiencies, limiting losses, and minimizing interruptions to your business. We check the assets' vulnerability with our penetration audit to find areas of weakness in building security that could lead to loss. USIA interviews key employees and members of your management team to identify possible issues and concerns. Our job is to identify the areas and issues that may lead to loss or lawsuits and recommend appropriate solutions.

  • Equipment Specifications - As non-product affiliated consultants, we provide honest, unbiased opinions of what you need. We are committed to staying on top of the latest technology in the security industry. We do this by attending all major trade shows each year, participating in ongoing training and education seminars, meeting frequently with numerous manufacture representatives, and by keeping an updated extensive in-house research library. This preparation and experience allows us to offer you the BEST security advice possible.

  • Security Systems Planning and Design - We offer a complete range of security design services that are ready to be implemented into existing structures or during any phase of construction or renovation. Our expertise encompasses areas such as business and enterprise, education, healthcare, industrial, retail, entertainment complexes, and distribution facilities. Our creative, cost-effective designs provide for a competitive bidding process of all types of security systems such as intrusion detection, closed circuit television, access control systems, and physical security.

  • Vendor Engagement - USIA will help you select the best security vendor or integrator for your business or evaluate the bids you have already received from vendors. We will also provide the specifications and request for proposal on the vendors to bid, and assist with contract negotiations, oversight, and inspection to ensure favorable and honest pricing. Because we do not accept any commissions or finder's fees from these vendors, you know you are getting unbiased, professional advice.

  • Project Management - USIA is chosen by many Fortune 500 clients to project manage the installation of their security systems because of our commitment to their exact security needs as well as our vast experience in security compromise. We assist with the planning and the timely scheduling necessary to coordinate the smooth installation of all phases of your project. Our SNEAK group professionals ensure that your security systems are installed properly and that it meets your specific security requirements.

  • System Testing - Acting on your behalf, we oversee testing and performance evaluations for all of your security systems. This testing ensures your systems function properly and will provide the designed protection requirements.

  • Analysis and Litigation Support - When necessary, our highly trained analysts work both overtly and covertly to provide clear, concise reports with documentation for all your investigation requirements. We can also assist you and your attorneys in preparing for liability cases and provide expert witness and forensic testimony in cases involving security and premise liability issues. This area of litigation is one of the fastest growing specialties among attorneys and multi-million dollar judgments are not uncommon.

  • Audits and Training - Improving your hiring practices is an excellent way to start down the road to increased profits and security for your entire organization. We can help you develop programs, policies, and procedures to ensure that you and your organization have effective security procedures in place. USIA can provide awareness-training programs for employees on multiple topics including theft and work place violence prevention.

  • Covert Intelligence Audits - Frequently some of our clients need recurring checks to verify that their policies and procedures are being followed. Our "SNEAK Group" focuses on the manufacturing, retail, health, governmental and hospitality industries. Anonymous auditors patronize the business as regular customers to verify that security policies and procedures are followed. Customer service, and other related issues may also be rated according to standards set by our clients.






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